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Dental Floss: Preventing Gum Disease

Is daily flossing still important? Yes- it is! Flossing can be an important factor in preventing gum disease when performed as part of your daily oral hygiene routine. Not flossing your teeth regularly leaves you susceptible to dental issues including gum disease which can be the cause of complex dental problems. Advanced gum disease has been shown to affect our overall health and wellness, even impacting the integrity of the immune system. It can even lead to tooth loss.

Our dental care team in Indianapolis is committed to helping patients maintain optimal oral health, something that also supports overall health and wellness. We strive to provide patients with the tools and skills necessary to help maintain healthy teeth and gums. Flossing is a large part of what we refer to as disease prevention. Flossing between the teeth removes bacteria and food particles that a toothbrush can often leave behind. Over time, this can lead to a buildup of plaque around the tooth roots which hardens and provides a continual breeding ground for gum disease to progress.

The importance of Flossing

Flossing can help you avoid dental issues like:
A) Gum Disease
B) Halitosis
C) Cavities
D) Tooth Decay
E) Tartar Build-Up

Preventive Dental Care in Indianapolis, IN

Dr. Marckese is an experienced dentist dedicated to providing caring, patient-focused dental care to each one of her patients. She stresses the importance of preventive dental care to all patients. Regularly visiting our Indianapolis dental office for preventive care visits helps our team thoroughly and accurately check the mouth, teeth, and gums for any signs of infection or decay. It is important to note that preventive care is a two-person job. At home, patients should develop an oral health routine that is right for them. Try flossing at least once a day or twice if you can!

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