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Family Dentistry Indianapolis, IN

At DentalSpa, your family will receive the comprehensive, expert dental care necessary to keep everyone smiling for years.

Family Dentistry with Dr. Amy Marckese

DentalSpa offers general dental services to patients of all ages in a warm, family-friendly setting. Dr. Amy Marckese provides family dentistry in Indianapolis, IN. This means that children are able to be treated alongside their parent or caregiver for their dental health needs.

Bringing your children to the dentist early will set in motion a lifetime of healthy oral habits. Our focus is on preventive dental care and early detection of dental diseases. When your children are able to see the same dentist as you, it can help ease their worries. Dr. Amy Marckese and her staff are committed to making every member of your family feel comfortable.

family dentistry in Indianapolis Indiana for all ages

Family dentistry can provide many benefits to patients:

  • Reduces anxiety for pediatric dental patients by enabling them to experience dentistry alongside a parent or caregiver
  • Busy families can coordinate appointments and all can be seen and treated under one roof
  • Emphasizes the importance of maintaining good oral health as we age
  • Allows dentist to consider familial and genetic factors in diagnosing and treatment planning
  • Family dental offices offer a wider range of services and treatments

We Provide a Full Range of Dental Services for Busy Families

Our dentist in Indianapolis, IN offers the range of cosmetic, general, and restorative dentistry necessary to keep everyone’s smile healthy and functional. She also offers pediatric dental services that are important for the growing child’s dental health:

Over 50% of first-graders and 80% of 17-year-olds have cavities. This is why it is very important for your children to receive regular dental care. Good habits start early in life. At DentalSpa, we take the time to teach even the youngest patients how to effectively care for their oral health between visits.

Our staff is dedicated to becoming a partner in your overall health care, understanding your unique needs and desires when it comes to your smile.

Anxiety-free Dentist Office Atmosphere

DentalSpa is designed to be a comfortable and relaxing environment. With all of our spa amenities, you might forget you’re at the dentist. We offer treatment rooms equipped with TV and music in addition to personal noise-canceling headphones.

Children and teens love being able to watch their favorite televisions shows while here. We also have a professional masseuse and paraffin wax treatments for patients who need to be calmed.

We also take extra time to explain every aspect of your treatment. Dr. Marckese wants you to feel calm, confident, and in control while here receiving expert dental care. For patients who need a little extra, we also offer nitrous oxide commonly called laughing gas.

Laughing gas is simply inhaled through a nose piece. Even though you remain awake the whole time, you are actually in a relaxed state. This form of sedation dentistry is completely safe and the effects disappear quickly after the nose piece is removed.

Family Dentistry FAQs

Our family dental practice offers quality care for patients at every stage in life. The accessibility, preventive focus, patient education, and complete care make family dentistry an invaluable resource for our patients and their families. If you have questions about our family dental services, please reference the common questions we get asked below. You can also contact us during regular business hours.

What are the benefits of a family dentist?

Having a family dentist handle the oral care for your household has many benefits. It is easy to schedule everyone’s appointments around each other so that you are only making one trip to the dentist, vs one per child. Family dentists tend to have strong connections with their clients, making dental visits more comfortable. A family can track your family’s dental history so that they are on top of potential issues, before they occur.

When should a child first go to a family dentist?

Children should have their first dental visit before they are 1 years old. It is recommended that they see a dentist within 6 months of their first tooth coming in. The dentist will examine their teeth, gums, and tissues to check in on their oral development.

What are some tips for choosing a family dentist?

You should choose a family dentist who you feel comfortable with. Ask your kids if they feel comfortable with their dentist, and don’t be afraid to see a few dentists before choosing one. It is useful to ask friends if they recommend any local dentists to gain insight.

What does family dentistry mean?

Family dentistry is dentistry dealing with all stages of oral health. From infant and child, to teen and adult family dentists have experience working with all ages. They are similar to general dentists, but typically spend more of their time working with children and families.

How often should I schedule my child dentist appointments?

Parents should schedule their children’s dental appointments at least twice annually. Dental appointments are typically scheduled once every 6 months.

What is the difference between a family dentist and a general dentist?

Family dentists are different from general dentists because they treat patients of all ages. Family dentists may treat children, teens, and adults, while general dentists specialize in adult oral care.

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