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Solutions for Dental Anxiety

Do you avoid dental care because it induces stress and anxiety? Have you had a bad experience at the dentist and now fear making a return to the dentist chair?

Dental anxiety is a leading cause of dental health problems due to a lack of regular dental care. Forgoing routine dental exams and professional teeth cleaning can lay the foundation for a range of common and complex dental problems over time. These can include gum disease, tooth decay, damaged teeth, bite problems, and even tooth loss. When you visit the dentist on a regular basis, ideally twice a year, it provides the opportunity for our dental care team to screen for these common problems, offer personalized advice for your oral hygiene, and to spot developing problems early on. Dr. Marckese emphasizes the importance of routine preventive dental care as a key to enjoying a lifetime of good oral health.

Solutions for Dental Anxiety: what are the options?

Our goal is to help patients feel welcome, relaxed, and free to discuss their concerns when they visit. We want you to let us know if you are feeling stressed, anxious or afraid when you sit in the dentist’s chair. Dr. Marckese will take the time to understand the cause of your anxiety. In some cases, a thorough explanation of what to expect during your visit can calm fears and boost confidence. Our office provides a unique spa-like setting where you can receive the dental services you need while enjoying amenities that will relax you. Massage chairs, warm blankets, soothing scents, and personalized entertainment all lend a feeling of being in a spa on vacation rather than a dentist’s office.

Dr. Marckese also offers sedation dentistry as an option for patients with severe anxiety. We offer methods of conscious sedation including nitrous oxide to help you feel completely relaxed during your treatment. Dental sedation may also be offered for invasive procedures to make the process more efficient and safe. Dental sedation can enable a very fearful or anxious patient to restore or makeover their smile with multiple treatments being performed consecutively.