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Botox® Cosmetic Indianapolis, IN

Why Choose Dr. Amy for Botox®?

I look at facial esthetics and symmetry every day. As a dentist, I don’t just look at a patient’s teeth or smile when I do cosmetic work, I am looking at their face as a whole. I feel like adding Botox and Juviderm to my tool box is one more thing I can use to help my patients look their absolute best!” Dr. Amy

Combined with extensive training through the American Academy of Facial Esthetics, this comprehensive knowledge enables our dentist in Indianapolis, IN to help you address lines, wrinkles and other concerns with convenient, non surgical facial rejuvenation. Using Botox® Cosmetic and dermal fillers, Dr. Amy can skillfully create a smoother appearance in treated areas for natural looking results that restore a youthful and refreshed appearance in a matter of minutes.

Dr. Amy can complete your injection treatment during your routine dental care visits, making it easy to maintain your overall appearance on a regular schedule and in one location. Our Indianapolis dentist office offers a unique patient experience. We combine a spa-like atmosphere with spa amenities, and the latest in dental technology and materials for high quality dentistry.

Enjoy a massaging dental chair, complimentary hand treatments, aromatherapy and refreshments while our dental team takes care of your oral health needs and cosmetic desires.

For patients desiring a smile makeover, complementing your new look with Botox or a dermal filler treatment can create an overall refreshed appearance that will boost your confidence in many ways. Dr. Amy can keep your skin looking smooth with periodic touch ups performed during bi-annual dental care visits with us.

Botox For Headaches in Indianapolis

Dr. Amy works with patients on a one-to-one basis for both dental care and oral related concerns, including the symptoms of TMJ related disorders and bite problems. Botox has been proven effective and FDA approved for use in the treatment of recurring headaches, often related to TMJ disorders and muscle tension. For many suffering with chronic headaches and migraines, Botox may provide relief from daily pain and restore an improved quality of life. Dr. Amy will discuss the treatment and number of injections needed for your specific concerns during a consultation.

Botox can also be an effective treatment option for TMJ related muscled tension that can cause a range of painful symptoms, including headaches and jaw tension/pain. Dr. Amy will perform a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of your oral health and the condition of your bite to determine if Botox injections are a possible solution to your dental concerns.

How Does It Work?

botox dentist in Indianapolis IndianaBotox® Cosmetic is a neurotoxin that is injected into muscle tissue, but acts upon the nerve impulses affecting the action of the muscle. Botox works to relax the treated muscle, allowing tension to be released and/or the skin to become smoother.

Botox injections are quick, relatively painless and can last for up to 6 months or more. Dr. Amy can provide follow up treatments as needed and work with you to manage symptoms when using Botox to treat headaches and TMJ related concerns.

Before & After

botox for crows feet in Indianapolis Indiana
*Results May Vary

Find out if Botox Cosmetic is right for you by calling us at 866.486.0230, or request an appointment online today. Dr. Amy Marckese is a trusted, and highly-rated dentist near you in Indianapolis, IN. She brings years of successful experience to provide you with quick and successful dental treatments.