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Missed a Dental Appointment?

With COVID-19, many dental offices had to close to everything but emergency dental services. But as of May 6, DentalSpa is back open! But what happens if you had an appointment scheduled over the time we were closed? Dr. Amy Marckese, a dentist in Indianapolis, IN, gives you advice on what to do.indianapolis, indiana dentist

Get Your Appointment Rescheduled

You may have already done this, but it’s important to get your appointment rescheduled. We also may have already reached out to you and gotten something set up. However, if you haven’t gotten in touch with us yet, call us or use our online scheduling tool. While we can’t offer our full spa services because of the pandemic, we’re still performing dentistry services and facial esthetics.

Keep Up With a Home Oral Health Routine

This is a crucial part of maintaining your oral health, especially if you pushed back an appointment involving tooth decay. We know it’s been hard to make sure you’re brushing and flossing at least twice a day. You may still be getting used to your new routine during the pandemic. However, if you want to avoid things like root canals and tooth extractions, brushing and flossing regularly is essential.

Try setting an alarm or reminder on your phone in the mornings and evenings. This helps both you and anyone else in your household remember to get at least two a day in. If it helps you remember better, brush and floss after every meal. It never hurts to brush your teeth more often, and this gets food particles out from between your teeth as fast as possible.

Watch What You’re Consuming

Your diet may play a bigger part in your oral health than you’re aware of. And right now is a difficult time to be eating healthy. Grocery stores may still have limited hours and are currently struggling with keeping the shelves fully stocked. You may not have access to all of the foods that you want. However, there are some simple things you can do with your diet to benefit your oral health.

First, try to limit how much sugar you’re consuming. Sugar is one of the biggest enemies of your mouth. Harmful oral bacteria use it as their main food source, then emitting an acidic byproduct. This byproduct eats through the enamel on your teeth. This is what causes problems with tooth decay and leads to procedures like dental fillings. The more sugar you consume, the more this byproduct is being released in your mouth.

Also, make sure water is the primary thing you’re drinking. It doesn’t contain hidden sugars and additives like other beverages might. If you’re drinking tap water, there’s also a good chance it’s fortified with fluoride, which strengthens your tooth enamel. Even if it isn’t, it’s the best choice to keep your mouth hydrated. It helps rinse sugars and food particles away from your smile.

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