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Fight The Flu With Oral Health

healthy habits for your teeth Indianapolis INFlu season has arrived. Do you know how your oral health contributes to how your body fights the flu? The oral-body connection is important to understand when talking about catching and recovering from the flu. Indianapolis family dentist Dr. Amy Marckese reminds patients to maintain their oral health throughout the flu season to keep you and your family healthy.

Oral-Body Connection

Connections between our oral health and the health of our bodies are becoming more clear as research emerges about how they are connected. Gum disease and inflammation of the gums have been linked to serious systemic conditions such as heart disease, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Maintaining your oral health through daily hygiene and biannual dentist office visits play a key role in keeping your whole body healthy.

Think of your mouth as a gateway for germs.The flu is often transferred through the exchange of germs through the oral cavity. Keeping your teeth clean and your body hydrated are key in combating the flu.

Your body is made mostly of water and to stay healthy and fight off illness, it needs plenty of water to function properly. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding sugary drinks can also keep you hydrated and reduce the potential for increased tooth decay. Dry mouth and sugar build up are both major contributors to cavity development.

Using sugar-free lozenges can also help combat dry mouth caused by dehydration or certain cold medications. Lozenges can stimulate saliva production and help keep particles from building up in between your teeth.

You should never share your toothbrush, but especially not during flu season. Germs and gum disease causing bacteria are easily spread through the sharing of toothbrushes. You may also consider buying a new toothbrush after you are sick. To avoid the build of bacteria on your toothbrush be sure to store your toothbrush in an upright position so it can dry, and make sure it is at least 6ft from the toilet.

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