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Oral Cancer In Men

Men are statistically two times as likely to develop oral cancer, and they are less likely to visit the dentist.Indianapolis family dentist Dr. Amy Marckese asks her clients to encourage all of the men in their lives to visit the dentist regularly. Routine visits to the dentist can help catch oral cancer early for conservative and effective treatment.

Oral Cancer Screening Indianapolis, IN

Oral cancer screenings are painless, and last only about 2 minutes. The process is a simple. Our dental care team will look over your gums, tongue and other soft tissues. Dr. Marckese will screen your mouth for oral cancer during every routine oral health exam.

Oral Cancer Signs & Symptoms

There are signs and symptoms to be aware of that could help to detect oral cancer early. You can self-screen your tongue, gums and cheeks every month to look for any noticeable changes. If you experience any of the following symptoms be sure to schedule a visit to see Dr. Marckese.

  • If you have a small sore, thickening, rough spot, or crusty spot that persists
  • If you find red or white patches in your mouth
  • If you experience any pain or numbness in your lips
  • If you begin to experience difficulty chewing, swallowing, speaking or moving your tongue or jaw

Oral Cancer Risk Factors

Being male increases your risk of developing oral cancer. But there are also some other risk factors that can increase your likelihood of developing oral cancer. If these risk factors apply to you, be sure you are visiting the dentist regularly.

  • Age: oral cancer increases in patients after 44
  • Tobacco Use: If you smoke, vape, or chew, smoking can greatly increase your risk of developing oral cancer
  • HPV: if you have HPV, or have been exposed to HPV you may be at a higher risk of developing oral cancer

Visit Indianapolis, IN Dentist

Catching oral cancer early is essential for effective treatment. Make sure you are monitoring your mouth, and taking care of your oral health. Routine dental health care can help to maintain the function, health and longevity of your natural smile. Schedule an appointment with Indianapolis DentalSpa for a luxurious day at the dentist.