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So many patients comment that they ‘hate going to the dentist‘. Well, it’s time to find a dentist that you won’t hate!

Dr. Amy Marckese-Braun created the Indianapolis DentalSpa in 2004 to change people’s attitude about visiting the dentist. The DentalSpa is designed to make patients feel comfortable and relaxed – maybe even forget they’re at the dentist.

Even with all the complimentary spa amenities, quality dental care is at the core of Dr. Marckese-Braun’s practice. As a family dentist, Dr. Marckese-Braun is committed to providing patients with the comprehensive care and services they need to maintain a healthy smile for a lifetime.mass ave dental care in Indianapolis

A Unique Dental Experience

You won’t experience the sights, sounds, or smells that you typically associate with the dentist at DentalSpa. Our state-of-the-art examination suites are equipped with massage chairs, support pillows and blankets. Each room has its own TV with personal headphones so that you can enjoy your favorite television programs while you’re in our care.

We’ve incorporated aromatherapy into the office to eliminate the “dentist” smell. DentalSpa has a professional masseuse on staff for massages and paraffin wax treatments.

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We treat our patients like members of our family. If you’re searching for an Indianapolis dentist who can treat the whole family, contact us at (866) 486-0230 or request an appointment online today.


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