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In-Office 3D Tech

3D technology has made its way into many different industries. From medical surgeries to architecture to entertainment, 3D technology enriches and improves our lives. In fact, you can buy a 3D printer for your home to create any number of useful or entertaining items. Another area that has adopted 3D printing is dentistry. 

Rather than using a lab to create dental appliances, many dentists have opted to use 3D printers in their offices. This is beneficial for both the patients and the dentists. 

image of young man holding his jaw in pain on a gray background with text that reads: The Bruxer. You have Grinding Jaw Pain Sensitive Teeth 3D printing dentist in Indianapolis Indiana

In-Office Printing is Faster

Typically, waiting for a dental crown or a mouthguard could take weeks. First, you would go to your initial appointment where your dentist would perform a specific dental procedure, such as enamel repair or take a bite impression. Then, if you needed a crown or another appliance, you would have to wait for a lab to make the device. 

Unfortunately, this process could take several days or weeks. This means that you would have to use a temporary crown or appliance until the lab completes the piece. For other patients, they would have to continue to live with their dental concerns until their mouthguards or occlusal splints are finished. Then, the patients would have to make another appointment to get their dental appliance. 

With in-office printing, there is no need for multiple appointments. This is because you can get everything done in one appointment with the use of a 3D printer. For example, your dentist can scan your mouth and have a mouthguard printed for you on the same day. 

3D printing allows your dentist to scan, design, and print your dental devices in a much smaller time frame. 

In-Office Printing is Cost-Efficient

Using a 3D printer in-office is more cost-effective for everyone. 

For the patient, they no longer have to make multiple appointments for nightguards. This means that they also don’t have to take more time off work or carve more space out of their day. 

After investing in a 3D printer, dentists see savings in both time and money. Because they no longer have to use a lab service, they are able to save money. Additionally, this allows them to make multiple devices at one time or many more in a day. Also, it grants them more openings for other patients. 

In-Office Printing is More Comfortable

Patients find that 3D printing is much more comfortable than traditional methods. 3D technology uses scanning to create images of your entire mouth. Because of this, you can avoid previous ways of creating mouthguards or nightguards. Before, you had to bite down on a gooey mold to make an impression of your bite. With 3D technology, your dental team can simply scan your mouth. 

This is helpful for patients who have sensitive teeth, a high gag reflex, or dental anxiety. Your teeth don’t have to touch a cold substance, which won’t bother sensitive teeth. Additionally, you no longer need to take teeth impressions, meaning no gagging on dental molds. Finally, a simple scan can reduce your anxiety and improve your comfort.