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Botox & Dentistry: Benefits to Consider

Dr. Amy Marckese has incorporated Botox® into our dental services in order to offer patients a more complete smile makeover or as a therapy option for TMJ-related symptoms. Botox has several proven benefits for patients seeking to improve their appearance or who experience frequent headaches due to muscle tension in the jaw. These needs and concerns are directly related to your oral health and can be treated effectively with Botox when administered by a highly trained dentist with advanced training in placing injections for optimal results.

Botox & Smile Makeovers

Dr. Amy can provide a more comprehensive smile makeover when adding Botox as a part of your treatment plan. Dr. Amy has completed training and certification in facial esthetics treatments through the American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE). Complementing her in-depth knowledge of the musculoskeletal structure of the face and neck, the combination of training and experience enables her to be strategic with placing Botox injections for a natural-looking result.

As part of a smile makeover, Botox can be placed to minimize lines and wrinkles around the mouth, nose, and eyes. After investing in the appearance of your smile, Botox can boost these results by improving the tone and texture of your skin. The combined treatment can be an amazing transformation that boosts your confidence, supports long-term dental health, and gives you a younger look.

Botox & TMJ Symptoms

Botox has been approved by the FDA for use in treating recurring headaches and muscle tension in the jaw, both of which are commonly associated with a TMJ disorder. Dr. Amy has years of experience treating patients with bite problems and TMJ symptoms. She may recommend Botox as a treatment option to provide relief from headaches for several months between injections.

When being placed for treating TMJ symptoms, Botox is injected directly into the jaw muscles. Dr. Amy will first perform a thorough exam including an analysis of how your jaw muscles are functioning. Botox affects the muscle by “freezing” it and preventing tension and spasm, thus reducing related pain. With the jaw muscles relaxed, the head and neck area is less tense and patients typically experience a significant reduction in chronic discomfort and headaches.

Dr. Amy works with patients on an individual basis who suffer from TMJ-related symptoms including headaches. She will make personalized treatment recommendations based on your overall health and severity of symptoms.

Ready to learn more?

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