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Top Benefits of Good Oral Health

Did you know that a healthy smile is important for both oral and overall health and wellness? Optimal oral health supports your immune system, your best quality of life and can minimize the risk for inflammatory and cardiovascular disease. Visiting our Indianapolis dental office on a regular basis is the key to enjoying the top benefits of a healthy smile!

The Benefits of Good Oral Health

Dr. Marckese and our dental care team are committed to your oral health and wellness. We help you to manage your unique risk factors for disease and educate you on how to care for your teeth and gums between your routine dental care visits. Your healthy smile will provide you with the ability to enjoy your favorite foods and to speak clearly and confidently. Sharing your smile and feeling comfortable interacting with others is important- it plays a role in your overall health and happiness.

When we talk about a “healthy smile”, we are also including gum health. Maintaining healthy gums is also an important factor in optimal dental health. The gums serve to protect us from the harmful bacteria often present in the mouth, keeping the bacteria from entering the bloodstream. This minimizes the risk of internal inflammation as a result of bacteria in the bloodstream and also supports our heart health. When present in the bloodstream as a result of periodontitis, bacteria can affect the heart valves and lead to cardiovascular disease. Routine visits enable Dr. Marckese to identify the early signs of gum disease and to offer prompt and conservative treatment. Keeping the gums healthy also supports the integrity of the teeth. Advanced gum disease can lead to tooth loss when left untreated.

Feeling good about the appearance of your smile is impactful in your daily life. Patients who have positive feelings about their smile are also more likely to seek regular dental care and maintain their smile. If you would like to explore cosmetic or restorative dental treatment options with Dr. Marckese, schedule a visit. We welcome patients who have been away from the dentist and would like to rediscover their best smile through general, cosmetic, or restorative dentistry. A new smile can be life-changing in many ways, including improving your overall wellness.