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How Can Cosmetic Dental Bonding Help My Smile?

Restoring and Strengthening TeethIf you’ve been thinking about improving your natural smile but have been nervous about the expense of cosmetic dentistry, there is a treatment available for you. Cosmetic dental bonding is an affordable and popular cosmetic treatment to help you correct minor aesthetic concerns like chips, indentations, or yellow teeth. Dr. Amy Marckese offers cosmetic dental bonding in a spa-like setting in her Indianapolis, IN dentist office.

What is Dental Bonding?

Cosmetic dental bonding is a procedure that uses a composite resin to repair damage and defects in the teeth. This resin is similar to spackle used in home repairs, but is designed for use in the mouth. It can be shaped to fill in chips and indentations, and can even be colored to brighten your smile or simply match your natural enamel shade. Once the resin bonds to the teeth, it becomes a permanent and invisible part of your smile.

When is Cosmetic Dental Bonding Used?

Chips in teeth, even small ones, can be noticeable. But bonding can be used to fill in these chips.  It can also be used to protect roots of teeth that may be exposed due to receding gums. Due to heightened sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages that can occur without that protective layer of gum tissue, eating can become painful. Covering the roots with composite resin can decrease this sensitivity while protecting the roots.

Maybe you have one tooth that doesn’t look like the others? Sometimes a tooth can be discolored, twisted, crooked, short or oddly shaped teeth but still in perfectly good shape otherwise. Bonding material can be used to change the appearance and color of the tooth, giving your smile a more uniform look.

Cosmetic bonding is also a good choice for filling in small gaps between your teeth. Gaps in your teeth can trap food and cause you to feel self-conscious about the way your smile looks. Bonding is a simple and relatively affordable way to close those spaces and make eating easier.

While composite bonding doesn’t have the longevity of veneers, you should be able to wear them for up to 10 years if you care for them properly. This means avoiding hard candy, ice cubes and other hard or sticky food that can crack your composite material.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Indianapolis, IN

If you are interested in learning more about how composite dental bonding could address your dental concerns, contact our dentist in Indianapolis, IN. Call us at 866.486.0230 or schedule an appointment online. We look forward to meeting your needs and goals for your smile and helping you enjoy the lifelong benefits of good oral health.