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Tooth Whitening Q&A

Are you looking for a cosmetic solution to discolored and yellowed teeth? DentalSpa in Indianapolis, IN offers custom professional teeth whitening. Dr. Amy Marckese and her professional dental team are dedicated to giving patients relaxing and high-quality care in their Indianapolis office. DentalSpa Indianapolis provides patients with a unique dental experience that ensures that treatment is as comfortable and peaceful as possible. Learn more about the answers to common questions about the teeth whitening treatment we arrange in our office below:

Whiten teeth Indianapolis, IN cosmetic dental treatment

Professional Teeth Whitening FAQs

What are the benefits of professional teeth whitening treatment?

When patients receive professional tooth whitening, it reverses the effects of aging on teeth, can help improve their self-confidence, and benefits their oral health. The brilliant results of brightening teeth are long-lasting with the aid of touch-ups.

Will bleaching teeth cause sensitivity?

Some tooth whitening treatments cause tooth sensitivity. Dr. Marckese and her team use specially formulated whitening agents  with minimal side effects.

Can I whiten teeth at home?

Yes, Dr. Marckese offers Opalescence take-home bleaching kits to patients so they can recieve professional results in the comfort of their own home. Each kit includes whitening gel, a bleaching tray with a case, and a shade guide. The clear tray that the bleaching gel is inserted into acts like a mouthguard that is customized to fit your teeth comfortably. Dr. Marckese will take dental impressions of teeth to fabricate the trays.

How do teeth become discolored in the first place?

Smoking and tobacco products, certain foods and drinks, medication, age, and tooth trauma all factor into the color of tooth enamel. The tar and nicotine found in tobacco products create stains on teeth. Coffee, tea, sodas, and certain fruits contain color pigments which can stain teeth. Certain antihistamines, antipsychotics, and high blood pressure medications may darken teeth.  As you age, the outer layer of your tooth enamel becomes thinner and wears away, and after an injury, a tooth may lay down more dentin, the darker layer under the enamel.

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