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Dental Spa Patient Testimonials

Dr. Amy Marckese and the professional team at Dental Spa Indianapolis offer one-of-a-kind dental care to their patients. Learn what they have to say below:

Oh Dental Spa, where do I even begin!? After a really poor dental experience (with a different dentist) when I first moved to Indianapolis to what now feels like a fateful meeting of Amy and Team, I began entrusting my smile to the Dental Spa team in 2007. They have been honest, thoughtful, witty and just a ray of sunshine for what can sometimes be thought of as a “dreaded dental appointment.” I’ve never once felt this way (even getting a root canal) and always look forward to having the chance to visit them, get a good little hand massage, a shake after a treatment and feeling like a special part of their business. I can’t recommend Dental Spa highly enough! -Maria Baer

I have received a number of services (dental, cosmetic) from Dr. Amy and have had only positive experiences and results. I was referred here by a friend and have stayed ever since. I have never had a fear of the dentist’s office, but for those who do I would recommend at least going in to have a look around because it really is set up to ease anxiety and unlike a traditional office. -Jacqueline Maxfield

The Dental Spa is by far the best full service dental office I’ve ever experienced. The personal service and care I receive at every visit makes visiting the dentist a breeze. I look forward to laying back in the chair with a cozy blanket, getting a foot or hand massage and leaving with clean teeth and amazing goodie bag. Extra bonus… they even offer botox! -Melanie Lentz

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