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Why Do My Teeth Hurt?

TMJ Therapy in Indianapolis, INAnyone who has ever suffered from a toothache knows the sooner it can be relieved, the better. Feeling pain is never normal and usually suggests a problem that needs to be addressed. If your teeth are hurting you, it is always a good idea to see your dentist sooner, rather than later. Your dentist can then do a thorough examination and provide an answer to the question that has probably been frustrating you, why do my teeth hurt?  It can be a number a reasons, but Dr. Amy Marckese of DentalSpa in Indianapolis IN wants to review with you most common ones:

Cavity Causing Tooth Pain

A cavity is simply a hole — hence the name — in your tooth enamel from decay caused by bacteria. When it opens the interior of your tooth, it can cause sensitivity that results in tooth pain. When they are small, cavities can usually be easily filled and the tooth saved.

Sometimes a filling can come loose and fall out or be damaged. This situation can lead to sensitivity, pain and issues with your bite. A visit to your dentist can help determine what can be done to eliminate the pain.

Teeth Grinding/Clenching/TMJ

If you often wake up with a sore jaw or find yourself bearing down on your teeth during idle time, you may be clenching or grinding your teeth at night. Your dentist has solutions to help save your teeth from excessive wear and tear, as well as painful headaches, toothaches and jaw pain.

Abscessed Tooth

An abscess forms when there is an infection in the roots of the tooth. They can be extremely painful and only a dentist visit can help. Antibiotics need to be administered and the tooth treated. Failure to address it can lead to a widespread infection which can increase risk of heart disease and stroke..

Wisdom Teeth Coming In

When your wisdom teeth emerge, they can cause a great deal of pain, swelling, and jaw stiffness. A dental examination can determine if the teeth are coming in properly or if they should be removed.

Orthodontic Treatment

The adjustment of braces to continue orthodontic therapy will likely cause some level of tooth pain. This discomfort is normal but can usually be relieved using an over-the-counter pain medicine, or if the issue is caused by the hardware itself, a little ball of dental wax to coat the rough edges should do the trick.

Teeth Whitening

Most patients may feel some discomfort after undergoing a professional teeth-whitening treatment, but the pain should resolve itself within a day. Consult your dentist if it is too painful or problematic.

Relieve Tooth Pain in Indianapolis, IN

No matter what the reason, we know tooth pain can be miserable, so quit asking, “Why do my teeth hurt?” and schedule an appointment online with Dr. Amy Marckese of DentalSpa today, or call our scheduling specialist on (866) 486-0230. Most dentists have specific appointments set aside for dental emergencies, especially when you are experiencing pain. Your dentist will identify the underlying problem and help you find relief as quickly as they can.