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Use Your Dental Benefits Before The End Of The Year

Knowing the ins and outs of your dental insurance can help you save money, time, and confusion in the future. Most patients don’t know that their dental benefits reset every year. Depending on your insurance company, your dental benefits may rest every calendar year or fiscal year. Most reset every calendar year, which means you have a little over a month to utilize your dental benefits and get the dental treatment you need. If you know you need a specific dental treatment, now is the time to visit DentalSpa Indianapolis to schedule your appointment before the end of the year.

Utilize Your Dental Benefits

If you have paid your yearly deductible, now is the best time to use those dental benefits before they expire. Your dental benefits won’t roll over until the next year so if they aren’t used, you will have wasted time and money. Most insurance companies will cover the cost of treatment (depending on your insurance maximum) after your annual deductible is met.  Dental companies usually cover up to two preventive care visits, which give Dr. Amy Marckese a chance to check the teeth for any signs of dysfunction Dr. Marckese recommends that patients visit her Indianapolis dental office twice a year for routine preventive care exams and dental cleanings. If any complex dental problems, Dr. Marckese will be able to provide the necessary treatment.

It is important to note that patients with an FSA (flexible spending account) through their employer should also utilize their benefits. Your FSA does not roll over until the next year so if you don’t use the money aside, you will lose it.

If you are unsure about how benefits and dental insurance work, contact your dental insurance company. They will be able to walk you through the steps to ensure you are getting the most out of your benefits. At DentalSpa Indianapolis, we also have trained in-house specialists who can answer your dental insurance questions.