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Facial Esthetics Treatments Reviews

oral hygiene tips Indianapolis IN dentistThis month we want to share more rave reviews about facial esthetic treatments at Indianapolis DentalSpa. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Amy Marckese is specifically trained in the balance of facial aesthetics for more youthful and naturally beautiful smiles.

Dr. Marckese offers a range of different facial esthetic treatments from Botox to facial fillers for your specific cosmetic goals. Highly trained and experienced, Dr. Marckese offers natural looking results that will subtly reverse wrinkles and frown lines.

I am in love with how young Dr. Amy made me look! I was flipping through my high school and college scrapbooks and, thanks to Dr. Amy, I look even better than I did twenty years ago. When I put lipstick on these luscious lips, watch out!! Thanks, Dr. Amy!! Meggan E.

The art of Facial Esthetics takes a carefully trained eye and a natural ability to see the balance and form of a beautiful smile. Dr. Marckese is highly trained and experienced in administering a range of different facial fillers and Botox treatments. Facial Esthetics can transform your healthy and beautiful smile taking years off of your appearance. Dr. Marckese takes the time to listen to your cosmetic goals and will help you achieve the results you desire.

“Inconspicuously Fabulous” – Those are the only words I can use to describe the way I feel about my appearance since putting my full trust in Dr. Amy! I have trusted her with my smile for lot of years, so when she told me that she was going to be performing Botox, it only made perfect sense that I would trust her with this as well. The decision to proceed with Botox injections was not an easy one for me. I have always been not only a skeptic, but also a pretty harsh critic of others that I would hear of that were receiving Botox injections. That is until recently when I started to notice age and stress taking their toll on my face (how could this happen to me?!). I am absolutely not a fan of needles and have a pretty low pain tolerance, so I was very nervous about having this done. I met with Dr. Amy “just to see what it’s all about” and very quickly and excitedly decided to take her recommendations on minimizing crow’s feet next to my eyes, deep creases in my forehead and the vertical “anger” lines between my eyebrows that seemed to have been deepening since raising teenagers (go figure!). Not only were Dr. Amy and her staff very understanding of my apprehension going into this procedure, they were also incredibly comforting and reassuring through the quick couple of minutes it took to complete. The differences are subtle, yet incredible at the same time! I feel like I don’t look nearly as tired or angry as I had been for the last several years and now my whole face looks refreshed! I cannot thank Dr. Amy and her staff enough for giving me back some confidence that had slowly been slipping as I was seeing the obvious signs of aging set in. I really feel like in just a couple of minutes time, Dr. Amy turned the clock back many years for me! Once again, she has perfected my smile! J

Comprehensive Smile Makeovers

In our spa setting dentist office, you can get your teeth cleaned, whitened and brightened and reverse the signs of aging all at your regularly scheduled dentist appointment. To schedule your consultation to learn more about how facial esthetics can make you feel and look younger, contact our Indianapolis dentist office.