Zoom and Nite White Teeth Whitening

Do you want whiter teeth? The Dental Spa in Indianapolis, IN offers Zoom and Nite White teeth whitening treatments for patients who have yellowed, stained, and darkened teeth. There are multiple benefits that these methods offer to patients. Teeth whitening:

  • Helps kill bacteria that can cause tooth decay
  • Does not require tooth preparation
  • Often improves self-confidence
  • Can help patients look younger

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Dr. Amy Marckese-Braun will exam your teeth and gums before treatment to ensure that they are healthy enough for the whitening procedure. She will also review your budget and goals with you to determine if Zoom teeth whitening aligns with your specific needs. A dental cleaning may also be performed first so that you can receive optimal results. Clean teeth that are free of surface stains and plaque buildup can be whitened more easily.

The Zoom teeth whitening process will take about an hour. After a recommended dental cleaning, the mouth and gums are covered leaving only the teeth exposed. The Zoom whitening gel is applied to the teeth and special light is used that interacts with the gel, breaking up stains and discoloration. The gel is applied for about three 15 minute sessions for a total of 45 minutes. After the coverings are removed you should make sure to avoid smoking and tobacco products and consuming dark foods and beverages.

Nite White Teeth Whitening

From Philips, the makers of Zoom teeth whitening, comes Nite White take home whitening. The Nite White tooth whitening system is scientifically designed to do more than just whiten teeth.

Nite White is specially formulated with ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate), a revolutionary technology that helps to:

  • Rebuild tooth enamel
  • Reduce tooth sensitivity
  • Improve luster

The Nite White at home teeth whitening kit includes the innovative whitening gel, custom fit bleaching tray, tray case, and shade guide. The custom fit tray ensures that the bleaching gel will be administered evenly and properly without causing damage to the gums or tooth enamel.

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